We help caregivers help kids and adults who have survived trauma.

Through our “Understanding Trauma” training, our resource library, and our one-to-one support services we enable families, caregivers and organizations to provide healing environments in which trauma survivors can overcome a difficult history of abandonment, abuse and neglect. 

With our own adopted and foster children, and with our “extended family” of Romanian orphans, we have lived first-hand with the devastation of Complex Developmental Trauma, and with the secondary-trauma that so often spreads to their caregivers.

We have equally witnessed the significant healing that is possible with each and every young person suffering from this kind of trauma. We are committed to employing best practices in trauma-informed care, to providing resources to those on a similar journey, and to keeping abreast of the latest research on recovery from neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

Our broad experiences as adoptees, as adoptive parents, as foster parents, as school teachers, and as orphan caregivers place us in a unique position to share our first-hand knowledge, to report on research, and to assist individuals and organizations who love and care for youth and adults from hard places. 

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