We walk alongside, so formerly abandoned youth can stand tall.

Through our Leadership Development Center in Marghita, Romania, we empower young adults who have aged out of the orphanage system to realize their full potential in their local communities.

Building on the assets of our youth, we offer training in practical life skills, personal development, mindfulness, leadership, spiritual formation, healthy relationships, community service, and advocating for justice.

A key component of our training is recovery from early childhood trauma—understanding its role in ongoing difficulty with behaviors and emotions, and developing a toolbox of skills to facilitate growth and healing. In addition we use arts workshops—written expression, photography, visual and performance arts—to practice sharing our voice, and to make sense of our life experiences.

As an extended family for these youth, we journey alongside them long-term—sharing in struggles, accomplishments, and new discoveries. We listen. We support. We learn and grow from each other.


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