Our Mission

Mercy Ministries embraces youth from hard places and equips them to thrive in every facet of life.

Our Vision and Values

All of us who gather around the table are welcomed, heard, nourished and transformed to take our places in ever-widening circles of community.

all of us who gather


- We are a community of abandoned youth and those who love them

- We delight in blurring distinctions between “us and them,” “givers and receivers,” “program and community” and other barriers

- We collaborate with other groups and organizations with similar goals and good will


Around the Table


- We are invited to a Family Table—a place of embrace

- We are invited to The Lord’s Table—a sacred space with Jesus

- We address hungers of the whole person—physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational




- We provide a place of felt safety and affirmation

- We offer special embrace and preferred seating for those most rejected and excluded by society

- We treasure each person as precious




- We listen for each person’s voice and life story

- We celebrate our shared story as a community




- We provide trauma-informed care, informed by research and best practices

- We pursue shared spiritual formation, personal development, and leadership training




- We work for healing, believing that wounds and gifts are all part of our unfolding story

- We practice a “spirituality of imperfection” that recognizes change as a messy and non-linear process

- We uncover hidden potential and equip one another for excellence


Take Our Places


- We believe that everyone has something vital to contribute

- We recognize our need, and society’s need, for the great gifts of our youth

- We relentlessly pursue opportunities for each of our young people


Circles of Community


- We work to transform individuals, families, communities and society

- We train youth to be change-agents and bridge-builders in their communities—fostering social justice, peace, and understanding